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camera works out of the box with these settings

source type: ffmpeg
protocol: udp
path: rtsp://<ipaddress>:554/cam1/mpeg4
width: 1280
height: 720

tcp works, but has blue screen drop outs periodically (at 6fps). No credentials are required to view the stream, by default. Default login is administrator/1234

To view the camera webpage, requires ie. ie needs an active x plugin but this fails to dl on win7. dl it manually

http://<ipaddressofcamera>/      (caps req'd).

then extract (winrar can extract) and run

the program requires UAC disabled to install (it will notify you of this) so disable uac manually (win7)
change EnableLUA to 0
or add it with 0 if it doesnt exist.

then reboot

after that it should install (did for me) and while the live video didn't load i was able to change the frame rate to something reasonable (6). Note that ffmpeg was able to handle the 30FPS pretty well. but this was with a 1.30.4 install, so didn't want to overload it. later ZM can probably use passthrough here. camera quality: ok. (using ffmpeg) BUT periodic blue screen drop outs at 6 FPS and TCP. I later changed to UDP which resolved this.

i checked ispy for jpeg paths... nothing worked. tried them all. tried 2nd monitor 640x320 and still dropouts occurred.

source type: libVLC

didn't work. gave a null error trying to start vlc

source type: Remote

works for a bit like ffmpeg, though when blue screen appears, it doesn't reconnect, just bails. (tcp). did not try udp.

overall, it works, but setup requires windows, and is a hassle. requiring windows , i'd give this a 6 or 7/10. functional, but not perfect.

Ref: ispyconnect db