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remote host path = /img/video.mjpeg

WVC2300 / PVC2300

A few options for these cameras:

  • Base hit uses still image snapshots:
    • Remote Host Name:
    • Remote Host Path: img/snapshot.cgi?size=3&quality=1
      • size=1-3 (160x120, 320x240, 640x480)
      • quality=1-5(very high - very low)
  • Even better solution is to use pushed jpegs:
    • Remote Host Name:
    • Remote Host Path: img/mjpeg.jpg
    • Use the web administration UI for the camera to set size, quality and framerate throttling
  • Would like to use ffmpeg, however this seems to be giving problems - partial image scans etc
  • What doesnt work
    • img/video.mjpeg (and other similar urls). Generally barfs on zm_remote_camera_http.cpp:134, and I cant be bothered debugging it.
  • Other notes
    • See [1] for information from the 'motion' application (scroll down to Linksys WVC54G which gave me some hints)


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