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Front Ends

Mobile apps

ZmNinja - iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac/Linux app for ZoneMinder

zmView/zmViewPro (uses xml skin, may not work when ZM deprecates xml skin - planned after 1.29 release]

Everything from here on is Deprecated and relies of various xhtml/mobile skins that will be discontinued in future versions of ZM

Please Post Your Device Model

Working Under Normal ZM interface


Rizer Z3 (opera mini only)


iPhone 3G

iPhone 2G (WiFi tested)




Galaxy S5 with Android 5.1.1 tested both SWF and MPEG - ZM v1.28.1

Galaxy Tab 4 (WiFi) Android 4.4.2 kitkat both SWF and MPEG are okay - ZM v1.28.1

Working Under Xhtml

Version newer than 1.23.3 use:

Motorola Rizer Z3, V300,V330,Razer

Blackberry Perl

HTC ProTouch II

Working under XML Interface

XML Plugin is available with 1.24.3 onwards, or as a separate download for 1.24.1 and 1.24.2 from It is intended for use with the eyeZm iPhone Application, but can be used with any other custom programs as well.

Apple iPhone and iPod Touch on iOS 4+

Not Working