Ubuntu Server 15.10 64-bit with Zoneminder 1.28.1 the easy way

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If you are not experienced with Linux and would like a quick way to get Zoneminder running for you, consider Zoneminder on a stick, a per-configured Lubuntu 14.04 with Zoneminder 1.29.0. See: https://wiki.zoneminder.com/Lubuntu_14.04_with_Zoneminder_1.29.0_pre-configured_CD_or_USB

For Ubuntu 15.10 with default Zoneminder 1.28.1

Install Ubuntu 15.10 from the server CD with LAMP. If you use the minimum setup disk install basic server and LAMP. You may configure a static IP address for you server. Learn how to do this elsewhere.

Become root

sudo su

Install Zoneminder

apt-get install zoneminder

Create Zoneminder database in MySQL (Note: this also creates the default Zoneminder user and permissions in MySQL)

You will be prompted for MySQL root password

mysql -uroot -p < /usr/share/zoneminder/db/zm_create.sql
mysql -uroot -p -e "grant all on zm.* to 'zmuser'@localhost identified by 'zmpass';"
mysqladmin -uroot -p reload

Set permissions of /etc/zm/zm.conf to root:www-data 740

chmod 740 /etc/zm/zm.conf
chown root:www-data /etc/zm/zm.conf

Enable Zoneminder service to start at boot

systemctl enable zoneminder.service

Create a new user

adduser www-data video

Start Zoneminder

systemctl start zoneminder.service

Check to see that Zoneminder is running

systemctl status zoneminder.service

Enable CGI and Zoneminder configuration in Apache.

a2enmod cgi
a2enmod rewrite
a2enconf zoneminder

Restart Apache

service apache2 restart

Sending email notifications. This version of Zoneminder does not install an email client. You may install nullmailer if needed:

apt-get install nullmailer 

Install Cambozola (needed if you use Internet Explorer)

cd /usr/src && wget http://www.andywilcock.com/code/cambozola/cambozola-latest.tar.gz
tar -xzvf cambozola-latest.tar.gz

Replace "936" in the next line with the cambozola version downloaded

cp cambozola-0.936/dist/cambozola.jar /usr/share/zoneminder/www

Open Zoneminder in web browser


Click Options

Click Images tab

Check Is the (optional) cambozola java streaming client installed (?) (to view streams on Internet Explorer. May need Java installed)

Check Is the ffmpeg video encoder/decoder installed (?) (to enable exporting of videos. Note that avconv is installed in 15.10)

Click Save

Additional documentation is available at: http://zoneminder.readthedocs.org/en/latest/