How to realtime view multiple cameras

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Viewing multiple monitors in a montage view is very simple in ZoneMinder.

Create new group

From the ZoneMinder home page click on on the furthest top left link (see diagram). This will open up the interface to create or select camera groups.

Highlighted groups link

On the camera group page click the "New" button to open up a dialog for creating new groups. If you already have a premade group simply select the group, click apply and go on to the next subheading.

Select camera groups form

From this dialog box enter a meaningful group name and select monitor Id's that you wish to be a part of this group. ( to select more than one monitor hold down the shift key while clicking the monitor name )

Select camera group members

Once you have made the new camera group select it from the camera group selection page and click "Apply".

Open Montage View

To view a live stream of the cameras currently in your view simply click the montage link. It is located in the top right side of the zoneMinder home page.


Change Montage View

From the montage view it is possible to change the layout. The selection box to do so is located in the center top section of the montage-view page.