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This page is for electronic hardware built for use w/ZM. Not limited to Arduino, but most electronics built so far has used it for speed. The benefits of hardware is that it can avoid the use of CPU analysis of images, or allow for speakers, sirens, or other devices to interface w/ZM.

Arduino Uno DIP

Uses of external hardware for Zoneminder might be:

  • Motion Sensors
  • Speakers / Sirens
  • Alarm Lights
  • Maps
  • User Interface (e.g. switches to change ZM Parameters via API)

Motion Sensors

There are multiple ways to detect motion (microwave, ultrasound, sound, PIR, infrared). Here are some community scripts:

  • [1] - Control zmtrigger with your own alarm and arduino
  • [2] - ZMHW Modector
  • [3] - ESP8266 option


  • [4] Make a map of a ZM installation. Requires the ability to design a PCB.

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