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Docker is a type of virtualization. Zoneminder has a few different implementations by folks, and they are listed here for reference.

Note that Docker is not recommended for those new to GNU\Linux. It is intermediate, and requires a basic understanding of GNU\Linux for successful operation. Assuming you are comfortable with using various GNU\Linux Distributions, a good place to start might be a book on the subject. Using Docker by Adrian Mouat is one such option.

Docker Images for Zoneminder (x86)

  • Official Zoneminder

  • Most popular Zoneminder Docker (2021/01, needs new developer). Includes ZMES.

  • Runner Up

Other notable images

  • aarch64 / arm64 ZM new as of 2020/12 - untested

RPI does not yet have a popular and vetted Zoneminder image.


Zoneminder forum on Docker: