Foscam FI9801/2W

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The Foscam FI9801W and FI9802W are outdoor IP cameras with 720p resolution, IR illumaniated night vision and support wireless. Specifications/More info here


Using FI9801W with Zoneminder

First upgrade to the latest version (at least App Firmware Version of which enables the URL used for stills -

http://<cam ip>:88/cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2&usr=<username>&pwd=<password>

Night view
This camera is using CMOS sensor and it seems that the night view is not comparable to the older FI8601W/FI8602W which had Sony CCD sensor. The older FI8601W is able to record 20 fps in a location, where the newer FI9802W is only able to record 8 fps ... This means that pictures are just barely recognizable due to shadowing problems.

The newer firmware version adds finally also the rtsp stream support:

rtsp://<username>:<mandatory password>@<cam ip>:88/videoMain

It seems that without setting a password for the account, it WILL NOT WORK with zoneminder!

And with the latest firmware the MJPEG support is completely broken/removed:

Even vlc gives the following output:

access_http access error: error: HTTP/1.0 500 Internal Server Error


The snapPicture cgi seems to only provide 4fps video with the latest firmware

The previous firmware also has an initial support for the MJPEG stream with another cgi:

http://(FI9802W IP):88/cgi-bin/CGIStream.cgi?cmd=GetMJStream&usr=admin&pwd=

However, this is currently either broken or just incompatible with the current Zoneminder version and only produces the following errors:

Mar 9 11:24:37 purplecat zmdc[28588]: INF ['zmc -m 1' started at 13/03/09 11:24:37]
Mar 9 11:24:37 purplecat zmc_m1[28588]: INF [Starting Capture]
Mar 9 11:24:37 purplecat zmc_m1[28588]: WAR [Corrupt JPEG data: premature end of data segment]
Mar 9 11:24:37 purplecat zmc_m1[28588]: ERR [Invalid JPEG file structure: two SOI markers]
Mar 9 11:24:37 purplecat zmc_m1[28588]: ERR [Unable to decode jpeg]
Mar 9 11:24:37 purplecat zmc_m1[28588]: ERR [Failed to capture image from monitor 1 (0/1)]
Mar 9 11:24:37 purplecat zmdc[28253]: ERR ['zmc -m 1' exited abnormally, exit status 255]

Configuration in Zoneminder


Source Type: Remote


Port: 88
Source Path: /cgi-bin/CGIProxy.fcgi?cmd=snapPicture2&usr=<username>&pwd=<password>
Width: 1280
Height: 720

Using RTSP-stream:


Source Type: ffmpeg


Source Path: rtsp://<username>:<mandatory password>@<camera ip address>:88/videoMain
Width: 1280
Height: 720