How to setup Sony SNC-EP521 with pan tilt zoom

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This article assumes you have a basic understanding of Zone Minder and have ability to add monitor to your server. in this article we're going to enable PTZ for Sony Network Camera SNC-EP521 in zoneminder.

Download the driver file from here, and store it in the right directory. the location should be /usr/share/perl5/ZoneMinder/Control. If that location doesn’t exist on your system, you can do a search for another camera driver such as PanasonicIP (#locate and store the file in the same location.

i assume you know howto add camera to zoneminder,but here is source tab of adding cam to zoneminder (fill user, password, and ip of your camera in "Remote Host Name" field) :

Source tab.png

now you should enable OPT_CONTROL, from option in control tab, so you will see a control tab in the camera config window. this tab should look like this:

Main control tab.png

Again, make sure you set the correct IP address (the same as what you set in the source tab).

by now, you won't have SNCEP521 option in "control type" field, so click edit, then in new page (Control Capabilities page) click on add new control. then new page starts like this: Warning : you should pay attention that, the name in protocol field should be the same as file name which is saved in server. in this case for example we save in /usr/share/perl5/ZoneMinder/Control and set SNCEP521 in protocol field.

Main capability tab.png

fill other tabs the same as in the following pictures and save window; then go back to monitor tab, on top left of the page, click on control link and you should see pan, tilt and zoom pics at the bottom of monitor. note: in move tab you can select Diagonally, Mapped, Absolute, Continuous fields either.

01 move tab.png

Pan tab.png

Tilt tab.png

Zoom tab.png

Presets tab.png