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Infrared illumination for nightvision

p.42 super high power LED,array, metal PCB ,package with 12 paral 1 mm² power chips, 360° or 120°.Size: 72 x 32 mm²
p.40 high power LED array, 6 chips, Jumbo package, wavelengths at 590 nm, 640 nm, 660 nm, 810 nm 880 nm, 920 nm, 950 nm, M10 x 1.5 mm thread package
p.33 narrow beam power LED series, 8° viewing angle, 1 power chip, clear epoxy package, square beam, no dark beam center from bonding wire, M12 x1 thread package

Roithner provides high power infrared Leds to illuminate a street at distances of over 300m.

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Covert surveillance

Use a PC with DC-DC converter, 940nm Leds and low lux camera connected via GPRS for instant remote surveillance

DC-DC converters


Low lux cameras used in Astronomy Wattec - 1/2 inch 0.0003Lux

South-African distributor: Scientific Alert [011 476 5718]

Infrared Security Cameras

Link to various Infrared Security Cameras