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-- PICCY -- produce a series of IP cameras that are marketed as baby monitors and sold directly via outlets such as Amazon. They are low cost and feature pan and tilt. This page was written after full testing of the KK002 model. The other current models at time of writing (July 2016) are the KK001 and KK003 and are expected to work with the same settings.

Camera Features

Some pertinent features and things to know:

  • 720p - RTSP, H264, 1M pixel
  • Pan and tilt with six presets
  • Two way audio (not tested)
  • Wifi and ethernet (100Mbs-1)
  • IR night vision
  • Three metre long power lead
  • Indoor only
  • Minimal but functional web interface

Initial Installation

Recycle the Quick Start guide and throw away the mini CD. Connect via ethernet cable to your network. It will DHCP an IP address by default and the web interface is on port 80. Default username is admin with no password. To get to the settings, click on the "Non IE web browsers" link. At the bottom right there is a gear shaped icon for "Setting".

Set an admin password and optionally setup additional users and passwords. Optionally set ntp and for Zoneminder usage, go through the other settings disabling anything that might add load on the built in processor.

If you want to use Wifi then browse to Network -> Wifi. Select the correct SSID, click on connect and fill in the pre shared key. Finally select the newly created "Station Profile" and select Activate. A correctly activated profile will have a yellow tick on a green square icon next to it. If you have a red square then most likely you have got the pre shared key wrong.

Zoneminder specifics

Tested Versions

Monitor Settings

These are known good settings:

Parameter Setting
Remote Protocol RTSP
Remote Method RTP/RTSP
Remote Host Name
Remote Host Port 554
Remote Host Path /rtsp_live0
Capture Width 1280
Capture Height 780


Until it is included in the released software, get the control script from here: Keekoon Control script from Zoneminder Github and put it in say /usr/share/perl5/ZoneMinder/Control (Debian/Ubuntu)

Read the comments in the script.