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These cameras are manufactured for WatchNET, and sold in the USA and Canada, and probably elsewhere. I have only tried the 40IRBF-K28, but given that the company claims all of their MPIX cameras are ONVIF compliant and supply rtsp streams, they will likely also work. I chose this particular camera because it is a PoE camera with good resistance to harsh environments.

Camera Web Interface

These cameras come pre-configured with a static IP of, and a standard username and password. Regardless of why they did this, if you use a different subnet, or have other devices on your network with this IP then you will have to work around it. They do come with a windows based utility (which works under wine on my linux box) to ping and adjust the IP and other network settings. The web based interface worked well using Chrome on my linux box, but the video was not visible. That was inconsequential as all other settings are available. The first time you log in you are prompted to change the password, which is of course highly recommended. I found I could load the rtsp stream listed below in vlc and use this to monitor changes to the video settings as I made them in the camera web interface. Aside from the ActiveX requirement for video on their web-based interface, the rest of the configuration process works very well. The ONVIF compliance is something I cannot speak to. The only thing I tried was scanning my network with the ONVIF prove, and nothing showed up. The RTSP stream worked flawlessly, once I found it. Interestingly, the stream location ( <ip address>/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&subtype=0) is something I also found online for other ip cameras. This is likely due to a common source for the web interface.

Regardless, here are some specifics relating to the setup of this camera as a monitor in ZoneMinder (v1.30.4):

General Tab

Source Type : Ffmpeg
Analysis FPS : 40 (will likely work with >=20)
Maximum FPS : 40 (ibid)
Alarm Maximum FPS : 40 (ibid)

Source Tab

Source Path : rtsp://<username>:<password>@<ip_address>/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&Subtype=0

(example: rtsp://admin:12345@

Remote Method : TCP
Target Colorspace : 24 bit colour
Capture Width (pixels) : 2688
Capture Height (pixels) : 1520

If you don't set the capture height and width as above you will not get an image. There is a secondary stream at rtsp://<username>:<password>@<ip_address>/cam/realmonitor?channel=1&Subtype=1 that can be configured to a lower resolution. I have not tried it.