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Note: For a full listing of RPI/ARM based install docs see Single Board Computers

(This is the material that was previously on https://wiki.zoneminder.com/Raspbian)

How to install ZoneMinder 1.30.4 on Raspberry PI 3 with Raspbian 9 (Stretch)

For Zoneminder on Pi 3 Raspbian Stretch see the Debian install at: https://wiki.zoneminder.com/Debian_9_64-bit_with_Zoneminder_1.30.4_the_Easy_Way#Debian_9_with_Zoneminder_1.30.4

I started with a Raspbian Lite install then added Apache with

sudo apt install apache2

Then followed the install instructions from:

apt install php mariadb-server php-mysql libapache2-mod-php7.0

I did not change


or add

character-set-server = latin1
collation-server = latin1_swedish_ci

How to install ZoneMinder 1.32.2 on Raspberry PI 3 with Raspbian 9 (Stretch)

As of January 2019, ZM 1.32.2 is only in the Debian Experimental Repos. It can be installed by following this guide https://wiki.zoneminder.com/Debian_9_64-bit_with_Zoneminder_1.30.4_the_Easy_Way#Debian_9_with_Zoneminder_1.32.2_from_the_Experimental_Repro however it's recommended for beginners to wait for a later 1.32 release, as the default install has some minor bugs (search ARM in the 1.32 forum for more details).