Revotech I6032W P

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Revotech 6032

  • h264 1080p IP camera
  • This guide works for (at least) for these P/Ns: I6032W-P and I6032B-POE-V200 (also marked as H8EV200-N4 in the camera's web UI).

The camera I have working successfully with Zoneminder 1.30.0 is running the supplied firmware.

From the default configuration, only the following changes were made:

  • Main profile frame rate dropped to 10fps and resolution to 1280 x 720
  • Static IP assigned
  • Disabled overlay (time, camera name etc.) – optional
  • Setting of a password

Annoyingly this camera doesn’t support a web interface (at least one that’s of any use) so the above changes need to be made using the supplied software on a Windows PC with ActiveX enabled.

Settings in ZoneMinder 1.30.0:

Default settings, with the exception of:


  • Source Type: Ffmpeg


  • Source Path: rtsp://username:password@ip_address/live0.264 (if this doesn't work, see below too)
  • Remote Method: RTP/RTSP
  • Target Colorspace: 32 bit colour
  • Capture Width (pixels): 1280
  • Capture Height (pixels): 720

Settings in ZoneMinder 1.32.3:

Frame rate dropped to 10 fps and resolution to 1280x720, as above.

Source Type: Ffmpeg

  • Source Path: rtsp://admin:@ip_address:5544/live0.264 (assumes default credentials, which is admin for username, and blank password)
  • Method: TCP
  • Target Colorspace: 32 bit colour
  • Capture Width (pixels): 1280
  • Capture Height (pixels): 720

Note: In 1.28 the camera used to work at the full FullHD resolution, but not after upgrading to 1.32.3. The Source Path works in VLC though when the camera is set to 1920x1080, so there might still be a way in the future.

Tried two similar Revotech 6032 cameras on two different ZoneMinder installs (one 1.32.3 production, one clean default install of 1.34.x in lab – in lab I even tried upgrading ffmpeg package to the latest stable and testing versions to no avail.)