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The following are the main major features that are intended to be included in the next few versions. There are a large number of more minor enhancements that are also scheduled but which are too numerous to mention below.

Next major version (1.25.0)...

  • Structural rewrite of image classes leading to much improved (but simpler to configure) motion detection
  • Support multicast or unicast streaming of captured of analysed streams using MPEG4/H.264 over RTP. This will reduce the load when many clients are moniutoring the streams and improve the real-time immediacy of the stream contents.

Thereafter in no particular order...

  • Change multi-language support to use gettext. This will provide a more standardised method of adding languages.
  • Detach video specific detail from events to allow events to relate to other stimuli. This will lead to...
  • Add support for audio monitors and audio events.
  • Finish implementation of 'zone sets' allowing different zone configuration to be applied to monitors at different times (e.g. day and night sets).
  • Modify the motion detection mechanism to allow chained lists of rules. This would make it easier to support user defined plugins for motion detection and other image analysis functions.
  • Move event images above the web root to prevent direct browsing which can sometimes bypass the user permissions mechanism. Access will then always be via zms or lighter weight method.
  • Replace all tabs with 4 spaces!