Sabayon Linux with ZM 1.22.3 Step-by-Step

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Hi together,

here's a HowTo for installing ZM 1.22.3 on Sabayon Linux 3.2.

This is by the way the fastest methode to get a working ZM.

I've needed less then 1,5 hours for installing Sabayon and ZoneMinder.

What is Sabayone Linux?

SabayonLinux is based on the source-based distro named Gentoo - Gentoo is a highly customizable distro which we have used as our base and using their excellent development techniques, we have created a pre-configured distribution with the tenets of Performance, Versatility, and Stability. If you have any more question about what Gentoo is and its philosophy, please visit their website.


Home of Sabayon Linux


Download the Sabayon Linux miniEdition, burn it, and install it.

Installing ZM

Open a Terminal and do the following Steps:

# emerge --sync

# emerge portage

# emerge zoneminder

Configure MySQL

1.] Edit the /etc/mysql/my.cnf

Search for:

bind-address =

and change it to:

# bind-address = Otherwise you don't have permission for remote access on your MySQL Database.

2.] Type this:

# /etc/init.d/mysql start

# mysql_install_db

# cd /usr

# /usr/bin/mysqld_safe &

=> Now MySQL is ready for use.

Create the MySQL Database for ZoneMinder

Type this:

# cd /usr/share/zoneminder

# mysql mysql < db/zm_create.sql

# mysql mysql

mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON zm.* TO 'zmuser'@localhost identified by 'zmpass';

mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON zm.* TO 'zmuser'@'%' identified by 'zmpass';

mysql> quit

# mysqladmin reload

Configure ZoneMinder

Edit the /etc/zm.conf


# ZM_PATH_BUILD=/var/tmp/portage/www-misc/zoneminder-1.22.3/work/ZoneMinder-1.22.3












1.] Starting Apache Webserver

# /etc/init.d/apache2 start

2.] Put the Apache Webserver into Runlevel "default"

# rc-update -a apache2 default

3.] Put MySQL into Runlevel "default"

# rc-update -a mysql default If want to check which Daemon is runing on which Runlevel, type:

# rc-update -s If you want ZoneMinder should starting automaticly on each Start, type:

# rc-update -a zoneminder default

Starting ZoneMinder

# /etc/init.d/zoneminder start

Testing ZoneMinder

Open a Webbrowser an type:


If everthing went all right, you sould see something like this:

Installing Cambozola

If you want to use Cambozola, type this:

# emerge dev-java/ant

# cd /usr/local/src

# wget

# tar xvfz cambozola-latest.tar.gz

# cp /usr/local/src/cambozola-0.68/dist/cambozola.jar /var/www/localhost/htdocs/zoneminder

# chmod 775 /var/www/localhost/htdocs/zoneminder/cambozola.jar

Then under: Options --> Images enable ZM_OPT_CAMBOZOLA

That's all, now you can configure your ZoneMinder, --> have fun.

I hope it was helpfull.