Standalone Zm Frontends

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Front Ends

Mobile apps

ZmNinja - open source iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac/Linux app for ZoneMinder

Surveillance pro - closed source iPhone app

Desktop apps

ZmNinja - open source iPhone/Android/Windows/Mac/Linux app for ZoneMinder

Apps that seem to be discontinued/not maintained

zmView/zmViewPro zmView]

- Complete Windows GUI frontend for ZM (requires ZM!) (Please feel free to add to this anyone![James])

ZM4MS playback with Mandriva 2006 livecd

xlib_shm - allows you to view live streams from zm on local machine with low cpu usage

ZMviewer - a cross platform Linux/Win/Mac/*nix client written in Qt(beta)

JZMconsole - Java Swing front end for Zoneminder(beata)

Blackberry App

eyeZm - Native iPhone / iPod touch front-end to view and control ZoneMinder (also see:

ZM skins for mobile

Earlier versions of ZM (1.25/1.26) supported XHTML and mobile skins which you could enable via ?skin=xml and ?skin=mobile They were meant for application developers to extract information for their apps and run ZM on mobile devices. These skins are no longer maintained and instead ZM has a [REST based API ] to replace the functionality.

As far as mobile skins are concerned, ZM will likely discontinue support for skin=mobile after 1.29. Mobile users can either use one of the front ends above or use the standard web interface of ZM from a mobile device.