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These URLs might be of interest to owners of a D-Link DCS-5222L PTZ ip camera.

move to preset #0:                                /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=goto_preset_position&presetId=0
move to home position:                            /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=go_home 
pan left by 10 units:                             /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=set_relative_pos&posX=-10&posY=0
pan right by 10 units:                            /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=set_relative_pos&posX=10&posY=0
tilt up by 10 units:                              /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=set_relative_pos&posX=0&posY=10
tilt down by 10 units:                            /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=set_relative_pos&posX=0&posY=-10 
auto pan:                                         /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=pan_patrol
auto pan/tilt between user configured positions:  /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=user_patrol
stop auto:                                        /cgi/ptdc.cgi?command=stop

When given command to pan further than possible, the cam will refuse to do so.

--Bjornr1989 (talk) 22:17, 30 April 2014 (BST)

Try the TV-IP672PI_Control_Script that I uploaded. It appears to use the nearly the same command set. Should at least point you in the right direction. Thekorn (talk)


DCS-5009 works with same settings as DCS-5010L, DCS-5020L and DCS-5025L

DCS-820L babycam

Source Type: Remote
Remote Protocol:  HTTP
Remote Method:  Simple
Remote Host Name:  user:pass@IP Address of Camera
Remote Host Port:  80 (Default)
Remote Host Path:  /video/mjpg.cgi
Colors:  24 bit
Capture width:  640
Capture Height:  480


Source Type: Libvlc
Source Path: http://user:password@<Camera-ip>/video/ACVS-H264.cgi
Remote Method: TCP
Options:  --demux=h264
Color: 32 bit
Capture Width:  1280
Capture Height:  738

Tested in ZM 1.30.4 on Ubuntu 14.04 after installing vlc sudo apt install libvlc-dev libvlccore-dev vlc