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Unifi Video Camera

The UVC is the next generation camera from Ubiquiti, replacing the older airCam models. It does not support any sort of standalone access other than very crude JPEG snapshots from the browser with a flash applet. Unlike the original airCam, it does not have an RTSP interface integrated with the camera, and thus cannot be used directly by ZoneMinder.

Ubiquiti provides the RTSP interface from their management software now, which means you must run their application on a machine (perhaps the one you run ZoneMinder on). From that interface, you can enable RTSP for each camera, and use the URL provided in that interface for ZoneMinder. Configuration after this is the same as the airCam below.

An alternative is to use this standalone lightweight camera management server: https://github.com/kk7ds/luvs . For power users, this provides a much (much) slimmer way to get a stream via URL if you don't care to use the Ubiquiti software at all.


The Ubiquiti airCam is a megapixel indoor/outdoor Power over Ethernet (PoE) camera that typically retails for around $100. They support up to 30FPS at 720p. They are designed to work with Ubiquiti's airVision software, but will work with ZoneMinder. They only work using ffmpeg, which requires a server that can handle the load of extracting frames from the video stream.

You should configure the camera as follows:

Source Type: Ffmpeg
Maximum FPS: empty
Alarm Maximum FPS: empty
Source Path: rtsp://<IP Address or hostname of Camera>:554/live/ch00_0
Capture width (pixels): 1280
Capture height (pixels): 720

The frame rate should be left blank and set only in the camera settings via. the camera's admin interface. Otherwise you will receive corrupted images from time to time and spurious motion events.

For other resolutions, use the following URLs:

rtsp://hostname:554/live/ch00_0 1280x720
rtsp://hostname:554/live/ch01_0 640x368
rtsp://hostname:554/live/ch02_0 320x192
rtsp://hostname:554/live/ch03_0 160x96

hostname can be the hostname or IP of the camera

Also this URLs could be used to get a snapshot:

http://cam_ip/snapshot.cgi?chan=0    (1280x720)
http://cam_ip/snapshot.cgi?chan=1    (640x368)
http://cam_ip/snapshot.cgi?chan=2    (320x192)
http://cam_ip/snapshot.cgi?chan=3    (160x96)

This has been tested with ZoneMinder 1.26 and cameras with firmware 1.2. It should work on ZoneMinder > 1.24.

If you require authentication for your rtsp stream, you should be able to use rtsp://username:password@hostname:554/, but I have not tested this.

Note: Newer versions of the AirCam firmware (anything in the 3.x series) have removed the ability to control the frame rate on the cameras, as they are designed to be managed only via. their AirVision software. You can still manage the settings by using ssh to connect to the camera, the default login is ubnt/ubnt. Once there you can read and write the configuration using the cfgmtd command. For example:

 cfgmtd -r -f /tmp/system.cfg
 vi /tmp/system.cfg
 ... change video.input.framerate ...
 cfgmtd -w -f /tmp/system.cfg

The above would change the frame rate to whatever value you specify. Changing settings by this manner may make your camera unusable and require a hard reset, use at your own risk.