Ubuntu Server or Desktop Zoneminder 1.36.x

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I have tested Zoneminder under the Ubuntu 12.04 and 13.04 64-bit versions. My reason for doing this was to be able to install a remote control package, such as Teamviewer, to access the PC behind firewalls where I was unable to set up dynamic DNS or port forwarding. I was able to connect to the PC, open Firefox and work with all functions of Zoneminder including viewing events.

Install Zoneminder from the desktop CD or DVD or a USB thumbdrive (see http://www.pendrivelinux.com/)

Open the terminal

become root

sudo su

install tasksel

apt-get install tasksel

Start tasksel


Check the option to install LAMP

Follow the instructions at:

Ubuntu Server 12.04 64-bit with Zoneminder 1.25.0 the easy way

Start at Install Zoneminder


Ubuntu Server 12.04 64-bit with Zoneminder 1.26.5 the easy way

Start at: Install PPA Repository for Zoneminder

When Zoneminder is installed, open Firefox and enter: http://localhost/zm to configure Zoneminder.

Install the remote control package of your choice to access your PC from the internet.