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Currently this is just a new frontend, but enhancements to come...

NEW 11-03-2006 The following link will deliver the complete disk imaging set, . If you botch it or it botches your system, you are of course, on your own. One fair word of warning, the image tarball is 729MB in size.

Imaged System hardware: SIS661 Chipset w/ Intel Celeron 2.53GHz LGA775 Processor, 1GB of System Memory, 3ware Drive Array chassis and 4 Port SATA RAID adapter, 3 SATA Seagate 200GB drives in a raid 5, 1 PATA Seagate 40GB drive for the system, ProVideo PV-155 16-port BT878a based CCTV capture card.

Built on Ubuntu LTS 6.06 Server AMD64/x86_64 Architecture (these images WILL NOT WORK ON NON x86_64 system!!!!!)

All files are now located at SourceForge

Complete Disk Images

The interface changes are all contained in this tarball Please note that this is only the interface, nothing else. At the moment there are no instructions or docs.. you will have to already have installed zm 1.22.2, I'll get up full docs.