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Current version - 0.6.3 is intended to use with zoneminder 1.22.3 only.

If you want to have it for other zm version please write to me, or change zm shm structures in code.

Xlib_shm is a program that allows you to view live stream from zoneminder on machine which you are running zoneminder.
It is small and fast, it is more cpu friendly than mozilla:)
In this version you can change your monitors with keyboard.
You need to have graphics card that support RGB32 in xvideo.
My Nvidia Riva Tnt 1 works OK.

I tried to add support to UYUV, but it consumes a lot of cpu.
It doesn't make sense because zm stores images in RGB24.

If it doesn't find compatible xv adapter it tries to use ximage.

For changing/disabling cameras use keys:
1 2 3 4
q w e r
a s d f
z x c v

In single mode you use only "1"
In quad "1" "2" "q" "w"
In 9 monitors "1" "2" "3" "q" "w" "e" "a" "s" "d"
In 16 monitors - all keys

For changing modes use:
5 t g b
"5" - single
"t" - quad
"g" - 9 monitors
"b" - 16 monitors

In command line you need to specify your id's of monitor which you want to look at
./xlib_shm -m1 -m2 -m3 -m4

Command line parameters:
-x - x position of first monitor - default 0
-y - y position of first monitor - default 0
-w - width of a window - default x resolution
-h - height of a window - default y resolution
-k - shared memory key - shm_key - default 0x7a6d2000
-m - monitor id(max 32)
-d - delay between getting images in us - default 10000
-c - how many cameras at start in row and column - 1 single, 2 - quad, 3 - 9monitors, 4 - 16monitors
-i - info

If you have any ideas for making this software better please write to me:

- mouse support
- GUI - buttons

Xlib shm-0.5.jpg
download here

--Maciekc 21:50, 21 May 2006 (BST)