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ZoneMinder works with an ABS MegaCam. It has been tested with the MegaCam 311M using ffmpeg and RTSP.

ABS MegaCam 311M
Use ffmpeg for the Source Type
Source: rtsp://ip-address/mpeg4/media.amp?resolution=1024x768 - mega resolution
Source: rtsp://ip-address/mpeg4/media.amp?resolution=640x480 - VGA resolution
Source: rtsp://ip-address/mpeg4/media.amp?resolution=cif - CIF resolution

1024x768 only works when the camera is changed to Mega-Pixel in the Video Settings of the camera.

You could also use HTTP
http://ip-address/jpg/1/image.jpg - current still image
http://ip-address/mjpg/1/video.mjpg - mjpeg stream

The camera does not send many (if any) key frames. Make sure that ZoneMinder Monitor for the camera has at least as many FPS as the maximum FPS you have set the camera for in the settings. If ZoneMinder drops frames because the maximum FPS is too low, the video will be come corrupted. It is probably best to set the ZoneMinder monitor maximum FPS to be the camera max FPS+1.