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ACM 5611

This is the setup I am using for the ACM 5611

Source type = remote

Remote Protocol = HTTP

Remote Method = Simple

Remote Host Name = login:pwd@IP_address

Remote Port = 80

Remote Host Path = /cgi-bin/cmd/encoder?GET_STREAM

Remote Image Colours = 24 bit colour

Capture Width 1280

Capture Height 720 (also used 1024)

Those were all I set and it came right up.

I have used this same format with other cameras of the

ACM family, they all worked.

ACTi D32

HTTP support buggy in the D32. Use RTSP.

Remote Method: RTP/RTSP

Remote host name: user:pass@host

Remote Host Port: 7070 (this is the default port for the factory configuration. can be changed in Network menu)

Remote Host Path: (leave empty)

Target Colorspace 24 bit color

Capture Width: (set the same as camera's config)

Capture Height: (set the same as camera's config)

Preserve Aspect Ratio: unchecked

Orientation: (set to whatever you need/like)

Deinterlacing: Disabled

ACTi TCM-5611 working setup

I could only get the streaming unicast from the camera working with VLC but not with Zoneminder so I went the HTTP route.

Using the camera's web configurator page, I first set the camera to 640x480, MJPEG.

Then created a device in Zoneminder.

Source: remote

protocol: HTTP

FPS: blank

max FPS: blank



path: /cgi-bin/cmd/system?GET_STREAM

RTP B2 Frames

Some ACTi cameras, including the KCM-5611 and B95, have a proprietary feature which injects "B2 Frames" (an ACTi-proprietary data blob containing timestamps and other info) into the MJPEG stream. If this feature is enabled, neither ZoneMinder nor browsers like Firefox and Chrome will be able to decode the MJPEG stream from the camera. On some cameras this option is enabled by default; to disable the B2 frames, go to the Network->RTP page in the camera's Web Configurator and un-check the RTP B2 Frame option.

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