AirLive AirCam OD325HD

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The AirLive AirCam OD-325HD POE camera seems to work fine with these monitor settings:

Getting streams in HTTP

  • Source Type: Remote
  • Remote Protocol: HTTP
  • Remote Method: Simple
  • Remote Host Name (example): zoneminder:MYPASSWORD@
  • Remote Host Port: 80
  • Remote Host Path: mjpg/video.cgi?0.mjpg
  • Target Colorspace: 24 bit color
  • Capture Width (pixels): 1280
  • Capture Height (pixels): 1024

Getting streams in RTSP

Point your monitor to a ffmpeg source to rtsp://<username>:<password>@<camera-ip>/media.amp?videocodec=<codec>&resolution=<res>&compression=<percent>&fps=<frames>&videokeyframeinterval=<interval>&videobitrate=<rate> to get the stream. There is no need to pass all parameters.


  • codec: h264, mpeg4, mjpeg.
  • res: sxga, vga, qvga, qqvga (codec dependent).
  • percent: 1 - 100.
  • frames: 1 - 30 (resolution dependent).
  • interval: 1 - 60.
  • rate: 32 - 4096 (resolution dependent).


  • rtsp://
  • rtsp://admin:airlive@


You cannot get all resolution with all codec, for example to get SXGA you have to use H264 or MJPEG. For more information access the camera with a browser and go to Video Profiles under Video option.