Amovision AM-Q630M

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Amovision AM-Q630M - HD IP Mini Bullet Camera

Manufacturer link [1]

  • rtsp://ipaddress:554/11 for main stream (1280x720)
  • rtsp://ipaddress:554/12 for sub stream (640x360)
  • rtsp://ipaddress:554/13 for mobile stream (320x180)


  • rtsp://ipaddress:554/live0.264 for main stream (1280x720)
  • rtsp://ipaddress:554/live1.264 for sub stream


  • rtsp://IPADDRESS:554/user=admin_password=UO8XjMJE_channel=1_stream=0.sdp

Although the password may be different or blank. Onvif will give you the above path. Works in VLC and FFMPEG. Requires only one device to be accessing the stream at a time. For example, If you try to access the above stream in ZM while VLC is streaming it, it won't work.

resolution is native 1280x720. FPS is about 22-30 in FFMPEG via RTSP.

Refer to


IP address is set to and can't be configured from the web portal of the camera. To change the IP, you must use a windows exe for it, provided with the camera. There is a program to change the IP included on the mini CD that comes with these cameras, with the name DeviceManager###.exe. Use that. There is also an IP change program on the Amovision website, but this tool (search.exe) does not work.

Beware that these cameras have no way of physical factory reset (no button) and if you lose the CD you'll have a hard time if you set it to a static IP. telnet open with unknown password.