Bluecherry - BC-H16480A

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Bluecherry BC-H16480A - 16 port video, 16 port audio H.264 / PCIe hardware compression capture card

Hardware compression H.264 capture card 16 port video inputs, 1 port video output 16 port audio inputs, 1 port audio output 480FPS recording @ 352x240, 150FPS @ 704x480 New! PCIe design

The Bluecherry BC-H16480A is true hardware compression card supported by our Video4Linux(2) driver. Recently tests with this driver has shown siginificant CPU / memory saving over standard software compression cards.

This card has several features not commonly found on traditional Linux supported MPEG-4 encoders, including:

Each port has a MJPEG and H.264 encoder, each can be opened separately. Each device shows up as a Video4Linux(2) device and you have access to each encoder using standard Video4Linux APIs. Each port is loaded up as an ALSA sound device, allowing for encoding G.723 audio from each audio input. The driver exposes the video output as a 'display' device, allowing you to control the video output (specify which inputs are displayed on the composite output) Our driver is available in the latest kernel releases, in the 'staging' directory.

Note: The device has the following features, which are currently not supported in the driver: Hardware (on-card) motion detection. Hardware motion detection is currently only supported in our software.

More technical details on this card and driver can be found here:

Bluecherry H.264 cards will show up (assuming you have the latest pci.ids file) with this command:

$ lspci |grep -i Bluecherry

04:05.0 Multimedia video controller: Bluecherry BC-H16480A 16 port H.264 video and audio encoder / decoder