Capture Resolution Width x Height

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Capture Width x Height

The Analog TV and Digital Video Resolution Guide explains how lines of TV resolution translates into pixels. The default setting for a camera on ZoneMinder is 320x240 pixels.

First, your capture card can limit the resolution you must use. The capabilities of the capture card may dictate that you set 320x240 for all your cameras connected to the capture card - if using an analog capture card.

For IP cameras the best match between camera and pixel resolution is if the number of lines equals with the height of the captured picture.

  • For resolutions above 352x240 NTSC the video will become interlaced.
  • For resolutions above 368x288 PAL the video will become interlaced.

When an image is interlaced, basically 2 passes are made on camera, one pass for odd lines, one for even, and these are spliced together to form one image. The interlaced frames are 1/60th of a second apart.

de-interlacing errors on 878A single chip cards

ZM_CAPTURES_PER_FRAME with interlacing, the default is 3, you can try 2 to solve interlacing problems. If you stick with 320x240 you will not have to worry about interlacing issues.