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Cheap cameras from Taiwan (Despite the American references on the name)


Setup REQUIRES Internet Explorer (the configuration pages contain broken javascript which hide various settings and won't let you save settings unless you're running IE)

mjpeg is not. The browser page for live view is merely a javascript wrapper which requests a static jpg repeatedly. This would be fine for Zoneminder if it wasn't for the fact that the js appends a unique identifier to the end of each fetch and the camera appears to cache files without this. So if you dig through the html to find the url and try it in zm, zm will just record the first image repeatedly.

DOES work with RTSP / MPEG4 (Zoneminder 1.24.2)

However - it does NOT work very well! Feed drops out at random points. Zm reconnects ok, but it cannot be relied upon.

Source tab;

Remote Protocol RTSP Remote Method RTP/RTSP Remote Host Name IP of camera Remote Host Port 554 Remote Host Path /medias2 Remote Image Colours 24 bit Capture Width (pixels) 640 Capture Height (pixels) 480 Preserve Aspect Ratio Unticked Orientation Normal

On the camera configuration;

Update to firmware "IP70 1.47"

Enter Setup, Camera tab; Dot Turbo Picture Tick "Enable 2nd stream"

Under Stream2 settings (Use IE if old firmware as FF doesn't save settings)

Untick 3GPP Set Resolution to VGA Codec: MPEG-4 Framerate 5 Quality 1Mbps

Update, November 2010 - Compro now have a new firmware - 1.51 - on their website. What it does is not fully listed - the page mentions it does SMS announcement and some other minor stuff, but I note the stream now works in firefox which it didn't before. although the controls are still broken. In IE, a new activex component requires installing and a restart is mandatory.

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