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The following has only been used for the EasyN, Mini Speed Dome, Model No. 1BF, IP Camera and ZM v1.28.0

Configuring the 1BF can be made with a web browser pointed to TCP port 81, for example;

Initially used a web browser to enable ONVIF on the camera. Then utilized the application ONVIF Device Manager v2.2.250, to ascertain it was possible to access video feed via RTSP using the following URL;


However this required authentication by manually entering of a username and password.

It was possible to provide these detail in the ZM's 'Remote Host Name' field.

ZM monitor configuration

General tab:

Source Type = Remote
Function = Monitor
Enabled = ticked

Source tab:

Remote Protocol = RTSP
Remote Method = RTP/RTSP
Remote Host Name = user:user@
Remote Host Port = 554
Remote Host Path = 11
Target Colorspace = 24 bit colour
Capture Width (pixels) = 320
Capture Height (pixels) = 240
Preserve Aspect Ratio = unticked
Orientation = Normal
Deinerlacing = Disabled

Specifications of the EasyN 1BF IP Camera

Device Name: IPCAM
Software Version: V6.
Application Version: H3-E-31-A1-TU1
Network connection status: Wireless

If the 1BF is connected to a network with a DHCP server, it will pickup an IP Address on the local network. To work reliably with ZM, it is recommended it be set to a Static IP Address.

Also noticed that when the 1BF is operational, it frequently attempts to contact at least five external IP Addresses. There does not appear to be any reference to the IPs within its user accessible configuration. To this end be wary of allowing it access the Internet, if possible set the Gateway to something other than your networks real Gateway.

Any sketchy documentation that comes with the 1BF does not indicate there are three user profiles configured (admin, user and guest), all with generic passwords. There did not appear to be a method of disabling of removing the accounts, so recommend changing their default passwords.

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