Foscam FI9831W

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Adding support for FI9831W involves the following steps: (BTW, this should work on other foscam HD cameras too)

  • Click on source column of ZM console next to the monitor you want to add PTZ control
  • In control Tab, make sure "Controllable" is checked. In control type, select Foscam FI89831W (If it does not exist see later)
  • In Control Device please put in:
    • usr=xxx&pwd=yyy where xxx = camera user name and yyy is your password. (NOTE: usr NOT user)
  • In Control Address put in IP:port of your camera
  • In Auto Stop Timeout put in 1
  • Leave track motion unchecked, track delay 0, Return Location none, Return Delay 0

If FI9831W does not exist as a control type

That means your version does not yet have the control protocol. You need to do the following:

    • Move tab
      • Can Move: Yes
      • Can Move Diagonally: Yes
      • Can Move Continuous: Yes
      • Rest no
    • Pan Tab
      • Can Pan: Yes
      • Min Pan Range: 0
      • Max Pan Range: 360
      • Min Pan Step: 0
      • Max Pan Step: 360
      • Has Pan Speed: Yes
      • Min Pan Speed: 0
      • Max Pan Speed: 4
    • Tilt Tab
      • Can Tilt: Yes
      • Min Tilt Range: 0
      • Max Tilt Range: 90
      • Min Tilt Step: 0
      • Max Tilt Step: 90
      • Has Tilt Speed: Yes
      • Min Tilt Speed: 0
      • Max Tilt Speed: 4
    • Presets Tab
      • Has Presents: Yes
      • Num Presets:8
      • Can Set Presets: Yes