GBF PL960PM IP Video Door Phone

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A random user reports the following from the forums.[1]

GBF PL960PM IP Video Door Phone

In Zoneminder I set up the Monitor/Source page as follows:

  • Remote Protocol: RTSP
  • Remote Method: RTP/Unicast
  • Remote Host Name: <local.LAN.IP.address>
  • Remote Host Port: 554
  • Remote Host Path: /cam/realmonitor?
  • Target colorspace: 24 bit Color
  • Capture Width (pixels): 1280
  • Capture Height (pixels):720


On Wed, 7 Feb 2018, GBF Tech Support wrote:

> Here is the video URL info.
> The URL for the video stream is compatible with Dahua brand IP Cameras and uses the following URL format;
> For Main Stream:  rtsp://{CAM_ADDR}:{CAM_RTSP_PORT}/cam/realmonitor?
> For Sub Stream:   rtsp://{CAM_ADDR}:{CAM_RTSP_PORT}/cam/realmonitor?subtype=1
> Some notes about the video coding;
> - The ControlCam App uses the Substream. The coding for this stream must stay H.264 and cannot be switched to MJPEG as this will disable 
> the video stream through our servers and the App will no longer connect to
> the IP Doorbell.
> - The Video coding settings ideally should be left at WAN defaults (activated when you press the WAN button in the Video Coding settings in the 
> Web Browser interface). Improving the video quality of this stream
> will be detrimental to the smooth communication between the IP Doorbell and your mobile device.

I left the Substream at the WAN default, but changed the Main stream to the LAN default to get the better resolution above.