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Generic IP Camera


  • JPEG
    • Remote Protocol: HTTP
    • Remote Method: Simple
    • Remote Host Name: username:password@<IP ADDRESS> default = admin:@
    • Remote Host Port: 81 default port = 81
    • Remote Host Path: /image.jpg

  • pros and cons
    • little to no features
    • Default IP address is it can only be changed in Internet Explore with active x
    • default port is 81. I can be changed in Internet Explore with active X
    • no branding or manufacture
    • hard wire only
    • only works in 320x240 in ZM
    • no reset button to manufacture setting (but there isnt much you can change anyway)
    • very clear night vision
    • very cheap about $65
    • very small
  • Summary

This camera isnt the best out there by a long shot but it does have an affordable price. It does work. I plan on getting more of these. I have seen these on ebay but there hard to find since there is no name on them. here is where I got mine [1] or you can search ebay "ip camera jianjia" that is the software that comes with the camera.

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