Grandtec WLAN Camera

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The camera

The camera is one of the cheapest cameras available around here in austria. The simple version called "III" is the light version for about 90 euro, the WiFi version delivers pictures over WLAN (802.11b, 11MBps).

Image Quality

  • no Infrared-Filter
  • Poor outdoor quality, not recommended for outdoor-webcams, only for surveillance
  • Indoor quality is OK
  • Night-Vision would work but external IR-Leds are needed

Network connection

  • Problems with WiFi cameras: device may heat up, additional ventilation slots needed? Device connects just once a reboot, if it lost its connection to the access-point it won't reconnect
  • Problems while capture with ZM: many lost frames, just 3-5 frames / second (over WLAN, more over cable)
  • ZM doesn't grab the JPEG-Images continously, maybe a bug in ZM?