Hikvision DS-7204-7208-7216HVI-ST

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This is for a HD Analogue Camera DVR and works with HD-TVI analogue cameras. Other HD Analogue cameras may not work. Reported to work with the models below but it is likely other models in same family will require additional work and troubleshooting.

 This DVR setup may have errors on the streams.
 Do not use unless you are willing to deal with it or
 troubleshoot it.

Known working HIKVision DVR Models:

  • DS-7216HGHI-SH
  • DS-7108HGHI-F1

Settings on Hikvision DVR:

  • Front end Resolution 1080P30 (1920x1080 30FPS)
  • Video Type: Video Stream
  • Resolution: 1920x1080P
  • BitRate: Variable
  • Video Quality: Highest
  • FPS: 12
  • Max Bitrate:6144
  • UPnP enabled
  • Live View Protocol: TCP
  • Image Format: JPEG

Settings in ZoneMinder:

Login and goto "Console" link (top left)

Select "Add" (or select an existing entry and "Edit")

Under "General" tab:

  • Name : <descriptive name>
  • Source Type : FFMPEG
  • Enabled : Selected
  • NO FPS limits so leave default (they are not supposed to be set for FFMPEG)
  • Leave the rest of the options default

Under "Source" tab:

  • Source Path: rtsp://name:password@IPADDRESS/Streaming/Channels/XXX
  • or Source Path: rtsp://name:password@IPADDRESS:554/Streaming/Channels/XXX (To specify the port to use)
 where XXX is the channel for each camera (101=camera 1, 201=camera 2, 301=camera 3.. etc)
  • Method : TCP
  • Target colorspace : 32bit colour
  • Capture Width (pixels) : 1920
  • Capture Height (pixels) : 1080
  • Leave the rest of the options default

Click "Save" and wait a few minutes for the monitoring to start