Hikvision Video Doorbell DS-KB6003-WIP

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A random user reports this working from the forums.[1]

Also known as Clare, Nelly, LTS


My ZoneMinder settings are:

  • Source Type: Ffmpeg
  • Analysis/Maximum/Alarm Maximum FPS: All blank. Never set FPS on FFMPEG type.
  • Source Path: rtsp://<user>:<password>@<ipAddress>:554/h264/ch01/main/av_stream
  • Remote Method: TCP
  • Target Colorspace: 32 bit color
  • Capture Width: 1920
  • Capture Height: 1080


From the forum post:

I am currently using the firmware posted on the Nelly Security website. I have not tried any others. The one thing that drives me crazy is that the Hikvision firmware doesn’t allow you to set a static IP in the camera’s web interface. You need to use MAC address binding on your DHCP server to get a static IP.