How to get a live view from a monitor

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--stagecoach 15:36, 23 October 2010 (BST)

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within ZoneMinder there are 3 ways to view a stream from monitors. Unfortunately viewing a live stream can be a large toll on bandwidth, by default you will not be able to view live events if your user has a "low" bandwidth setting within ZoneMinder.

Watch view

From this view you get live stream from the monitor with an automatically updating list of current events. If you have multiple monitors open in this view, when an alarm happens the recording camera will bring itself to the front. To access watch view click on the monitor name from the homepage, this will open up a new window with the streaming video.

Cycle view

Cycle view will give a rotating view of the current group of cameras. For more information on customizing the camera group check out how to create a new camera group. To access the cycle view simply click the cycle link from the ZoneMinder homepage.

Montage view

Montage view shows a classical 'grid' view of the current group of monitors. This grid can be customized to a certain extent allowing a change in rows displayed or bringing current events to a focused position. To access this view simply click through on the 'montage' link located in the top right of the homepage.