IEI Technology Corp. IVC-268G-R20

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Data sheet for this card can be found here:
The IVC-268G-R20 uses a Techwell TW6802 chip, installation is similar to the KesCom PG104,
To use this capture card you need to compile the driver. For Ubuntu Server 12.04.04 LTS with 3.13 kernel the source can be found at
~$ sudo apt-get install git
~$ sudo apt-get install build-essential
~$ mkdir techwell
~$ cd techwell
~$ git clone git://
~$ cd smokeyjoness-tw68-v2
~$ make
~$ sudo make install
~$ sudo modprobe tw68
(Note smokeyjoness-tw68-v2 was successfully installed on 64bit Server, for 32bit server (same hardware) smokeyjoness-tw68-v2 did not work so I use git clone git://
After compiling and "loading" the tw68 modules, you need to check that the modules are actually loaded (lsmod | grep tw). You should have the similar output:

~$ lsmod | grep tw

tw68                   44633  2
videodev               86588  3 tw68
videobuf_dma_sg        18786  1 tw68
videobuf_core          25409  2 tw68,videobuf_dma_sg
btcx_risc              13400  1 tw68

~$ cd /dev
You should see now video0, video1, video2, video3. This video card has dip SW to program card address (how it actually work could be checked later if someone has more then one card installed on linux box)