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This card works a little different than the others. The inputs are not bound to any spacific bt878 chip but go through a crosspoint video switch. The way this works is you have inputs (channles) 0-15 and you can assign them to any of the video devices (bt878 chips /dev/video 0-3)
/dev/video0 (3) assigns composit input 3 to the first device
/dev/video1 (0) assigns composit input 0 to the second device etc... More information can be obtained

For video display in ZonEMindeR, make sure you select "Video For Linux Version 1" and the proper resolution for the camera.

Add a single card

modprobe bttv gbuffers=16 card=133,132,133,133 tuner=4,4,4,4
edit your modprobe.conf (on modern linux distributions, the options below should be placed in /etc/modprobe.d/bttv.conf) to include
options bttv gbuffers=16 card=133,132,133,133 tuner=4,4,4,4
requires a 2.6.12 kernel but fully supported in a 2.6.13
I tried and failed on the 2.6.12 but succeeded on the 2.6.13

When using all 16 channels plug the additional BNC's onto the headers bearing in mind the first 4 are on the card. but the order of the channels is 1,2,3,4,9,8,5,4,13,12,11,10,15,14,7,6

  • James Wilson

It's very important to set:
options -> config -> V4L_MULTI_BUFFER = disabled
Otherwise, you will get half picture from one camera and half picture from other camera.
options -> config -> CAPTURES_PER_FRAME = 4
or something between 2 or 4, otherwise you could get two cameras swapping back and forth.

Options kodicom zoneminder.PNG

Two Cards in a single box ****

Two 4400r cards - labeled as se-120 (4 8778 chips/card). In an IBM 342 Server. FC4

It is setup with :
/dev/video0 channel 0
/dev/video1 channel 1
/dev/video2 channel 2
/dev/video3 channel 3

/dev/video4 channel 0
/dev/video5 channel 1
/dev/video6 channel 2
/dev/video7 channel 3

  1. modprobe.conf

alias char-major-81 bttv
options bttv gbuffers=32 card=0x85,0x84,0x85,0x85,0x85,0x84,0x85,0x85 tuner=4

If color cameras show black and white

Adding chroma_agc=1 to your modprobe line might fix it.


options bttv gbuffers=16 card=133,132,133,133 chroma_agc=1