Mandrake-Mandriva Install

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Installing Zonenminder 1.22.2 on Mandriva 2007.0 free

1.] install Mandriva 2007.0 free with all options, but Games. 

If you enable the Firewall ensure that you have access to your machine!

2.] Open a Terminal and become root: 


  1. su

3.] update your sourcelist 

A very good site for Mirrors is -> here are a example of my sourcelist:


  1. urpmi.addmedia plf-free rsync:// with
  1. urpmi.addmedia --update updates with media_info/
  1. urpmi.addmedia main with media_info/
  1. urpmi.addmedia contrib with media_info/

4.] Install essential packets: 


  1. urpmi ffmpeg xawtv phpmyadmin mysql libmysql-devel ant

5.] Starting MySQL: 


  1. /etc/init.d/mysqld start

6.] Download, build and install ZM: 


  1. cd /usr/local/src
  2. wget
  3. tar -xvzf ZoneMinder-1.22.2.tar.gz
  4. cd ZoneMinder-1.22.2
  5. ./configure --with-webdir=/var/www/html/zm --with-cgidir=/var/www/cgi-bin --with-mysql=usr/include/mysql --with-ffmpeg=/usr/bin
  1. mysql mysql < db/zm_create.sql
  1. mysql

mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON zm.* TO 'zmuser'@localhost identified by 'zmpass';

mysql> quit

  1. mysqladmin reload
  1. make install

7.] Install Cambozola 


  1. cd /usr/local/src
  2. wget
  3. tar xvfz cambozola-latest.tar.gz
  4. cp /usr/local/src/cambozola-0.68/dist/cambozola.jar /var/www/html/zm
  5. chmod 775 /var/www/html/zm/cambozola.jar

Then under the Images tab in the Web-Interface enable ZM_OPT_CAMBOZOLA

That's all. --> Should work now.