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Messoa NCR870E

Works with zoneminder v1.25.0 on Ubuntu 12.04 server (32bit)
I was getting an error simular to this:
zms 2484 ERR Got unexpected memory map file size 9217192, expected 36865192 zm_monitor.cpp 364
This seems to be caused by having a resolution that is wrong and/or by having some memory settings wrong.
edit /etc/sysctl.conf and type "kernel.shmall = 167772160" and "kernel.shmmax = 167772160" at the bottom of the file.
This appears to fix the memory map issue. Error may still occur if some ZoneMinder settings are wrong.

This company seems fairly new to the IP Camera market, but their optics seem great and they use Linux firmware,
hopefully we can expect good thing from them in the future.
The AP_01-00-62-18_MS00 firmware seems a little buggy, I had to input the setting in the camera a few
times before they stayed. The user management seems disabled also.

ffmpeg h264 stream:

First navigate to the camera, choose setup, under Image and Codec setup the following:
Primary Stream -->
Codec: H264
Res: 720P (1280x720) (this seems to be the limit)
Bit rate: your choice
Frame rate: your choice

The corresponding Zoneminder Monitor settings are as follows:
Source Type: Ffmpeg
Source Path: rtsp://xx.xx.xx.xx:8557/h264
Source Colours 24 bit color
Capture Width(pixels): 1280
Capture Height(pixels): 720

You can put this in a lower resolution if desired and it work as well. These setting seem to be the highest
resolution that is supported.

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