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If you have more than 6 cameras you may want to setup multi-port as an alternative to firefox about:config edits. See: Note: article written by zm dev.

Here are some quick configs for 50 cameras. Note: The below config has been confirmed to work with only HTTP. Https may need additional configuration. If you get an error about missing > bracket, make it so all these _default_:#### are on one line. Then it will work. It's not easy to read it in that format, so it has been justified for easier viewing here.


<VirtualHost _default_:80 _default_:30000
        _default_:30001 _default_:30002 _default_:30003 _default_:30004
        _default_:30005 _default_:30006 _default_:30007 _default_:30008 _default_:30009 _default_:30010
_default_:30011 _default_:30012 _default_:30013 _default_:30014
_default_:30015 _default_:30016 _default_:30017 _default_:30018
_default_:30019 _default_:30020 _default_:30021 _default_:30022
_default_:30023 _default_:30024 _default_:30025 _default_:30026
_default_:30027 _default_:30028 _default_:30029 _default_:30030
_default_:30031 _default_:30032 _default_:30033 _default_:30034
_default_:30035 _default_:30036 _default_:30037 _default_:30038
_default_:30039 _default_:30040 _default_:30041 _default_:30042
_default_:30043 _default_:30044 _default_:30045 _default_:30046
_default_:30047 _default_:30048 _default_:30049 _default_:30050>

Ports.conf: Note:this doesn't include everything. Make sure to insert into existing file where changes are appropriate.

        Listen 80
        Listen 30000
        Listen 30001
        Listen 30002
        Listen 30003
        Listen 30004
        Listen 30005
        Listen 30006
        Listen 30007
        Listen 30008
        Listen 30009
        Listen 30010
        Listen 30011
        Listen 30012
        Listen 30013
        Listen 30014
        Listen 30015
        Listen 30016
        Listen 30017
        Listen 30018
        Listen 30019
        Listen 30020
        Listen 30021
        Listen 30022
        Listen 30023
        Listen 30024
        Listen 30025
        Listen 30026
        Listen 30027
        Listen 30028
        Listen 30029
        Listen 30030
        Listen 30031
        Listen 30032
        Listen 30033
        Listen 30034
        Listen 30035
        Listen 30036
        Listen 30037
        Listen 30038
        Listen 30039
        Listen 30040
        Listen 30041
        Listen 30042
        Listen 30043
        Listen 30044
        Listen 30045
        Listen 30046
        Listen 30047
        Listen 30048
        Listen 30049
        Listen 30050