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This is where patches for problems reported in ZoneMinder will be posted. This is only for patches to version 1.22.2 and above. Patches for versions prior to 1.22.2 will have been posted in the forums.

1.22.2 Patches

1.22.3 Patches

1.23.2 Patches

1.24.0 Patches

1.24.1 Patches

1.24.2 Patches

To apply any of the patches here you should do the following :-

  • Open a command shell
  • Download the patch and move a copy to your ZoneMinder build directory
  • Change directory to your ZoneMinder build directory
  • Apply the patch by typing
patch -p0 < <patchfile>
  • Check that the patch is applied correctly and you do not get any rejects
  • If necessary rebuild, then reinstall

Third Party Patches