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Pelco Developer Network

The following page provides helpful technical information for Pelco cameras:

Sarix IE10

These settings will likely work for all Sarix IE series cameras.

From the Zoneminder console, click "Add New Monitor" and enter the following:

General (tab)
Name: {give the camera a name}
Source Type: ffmpeg
Function: {select an appropriate function from the dropdown}
Enabled: Tick
Maximum FPS: Empty
Alarm Maximum FPS: Empty
Source (tab)
Source Path: rtsp://{ip address}:554/stream1
Remote Method: RTP/Unicast
Target Colorspace: 32 (only use 24 on old cpu's with no SSE instruction set)
Capture Width: 1280
Capture Height: 1026

VLC reports the image is 1026 pixels high, rather than 1024. That is not a typo.

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