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Reolink Cameras That Can Work With ZoneMinder

PoE camera: RLC-410, 520, 522, 423, 511, 510A, 520A, 810A, 820A, 1220A, 1210A;

WiFi camera: E1 Pro; E1 Zoom; 410W, 510W;

Learn more about these cameras in Reolink official site:

Please note:

  1. 1. The list doesn't include the discontinued products. If you want to learn about these discontinued device, please ask Reolink employee in reddit: . Thanks!
  1. 2. The models that have "A" in the name are the cameras having on-board Person/Vehicle Detection, that is, RLC-510A, 520A, 810A, 820A, 1220A, 1210A. You may not use this local smart detection with Zoneminder, but you can use the advanced AI powered detection feature supported by the ZM.
  1. 3. When there are new products, this list will be updated.

Reolink Cameras (Recommended)

The latest step-by-step guide here


There is a lengthy forum thread here:


Soooo, after lots of reading and just as much trial and error, I came up with this config that seems to work best:

Source Type: ffmpeg
Source Path: rtmp://
Method: UDP
Options: reorder_queue_size=5000,allowed_media_types=video,buffer_size=10000000
Capture Resolution: 640x480
Controllable: yes
Control Address: admin:password@
Auto Stop Timeout: 0.25

The high quality stream is "channel0_main", the low quality on "channnel0_sub". Strangely, the high quality channnel only works when I put the low quality resolution. So instead of 2560x1920 I need to put 640x480. That was a hard thing to find.

On the camera the following settings seem to provide the best results in ZM:

Clear Stream:
Resolution: 2560x1920
Frame Rate: 30
Maximum Bitrate: 6144
H2.64 Profile: Base

Fluent Stream:
Resolution: 640x480
Frame Rate: 7
Maximum Bitrate: 160
H2.64 Profile: Base




Learn more about this camera:

Source Type: ffmpeg
Source Path: rtmp://
Method: UDP

The default username/password on this model is "admin" and an empty password, but I had to set a password before the source path above would work.

If you want audio with the video recordings place this in the "Options" field of the "Source" tab:


And use this option in the "Video Writer" field of the "Storage" tab:

H264 Camera Passthrough
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