Revotech I706-P

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Revotech I706-P camera setup

  • POE Mini Indoor 2304 x 1296 3.0MP ONVIF H.265 H.264
  • no proprietary software and/or app from vendor required (also no IE required) to setup when following this procedure (camera default is NOT set to DHCP !!!)
  1. connect camera to POE switch
  2. connect notebook to same POE switch and set static IP address of notebook to 192.1681.2
  3. use "arp -a" to find camera IP address (mine was, network seems to be default for this camera)
  4. open URL and login to camera web console (default user is admin and no password)
  5. set password
  6. activate DHCP in Network/Basic menu (I've disabled all other options) - you may also use a static IP address
  7. Set Video Codec to H264 to be able to playback recorded streams in usual web browsers! (default is H265 in camera!)
  8. reconnect camera to your usual network
  9. find camera's new IP address in your router
  10. set a fix IP address for camera's MAC in your routers DHCP settings and for security block camera from internet access (it will try to access some external servers!)

Settings in ZoneMinder 1.36.1

  • leave all default but
  1. Source Path for 2304 x 1296: rtsp://username:password@ip_address:8554/live0.264
  2. Source Path for 704 x 576: rtsp://username:password@ip_address:8554/live1.264
  • camera has no audio and no PTZ