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  • 12:31, 31 August 2023Openhab (hist | edit) ‎[1,869 bytes]Biloxigeek (talk | contribs) (Created page with "== Openhab == Looking to working up some documention for integrating zoneminder and openhab. === Tasks === * Getting the openhab binding for zoneminder working * Setting up things/items in openhab that will link image and video streams into openhab * Rules that can be triggered from events in openhab to cause zoneminder functions ** Example: door open sensor turns light on and causes a zoneminder monitor to start recording for a specified period of time === Notes ===...")
  • 01:30, 19 August 2023ZMES (hist | edit) ‎[3,991 bytes]Burger (talk | contribs) (Created page with "The Event Notification Server sits along with ZoneMinder and offers real time notifications, support for push notifications as well as Machine Learning powered recognition. As of today, it supports: detection of 80 types of objects (persons, cars, etc.) face recognition deep license plate recognition I will add more algorithms over time. Ref: In plain terms, why would you want to use ZMES? Because it avoids...")
  • 13:11, 23 July 2023Foscam FHD1080p G2EP (hist | edit) ‎[650 bytes]Piratebab (talk | contribs) (create page for Foscam FHD1080p G2EP)