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Sricam AP008

Older Sricam model. Resolution is 1280x720 upscaled from 640x480. Works as remote camera in Zoneminder with no issues.

  • Remote Hostname: admin@<ipaddress>
  • Remote Host Port: 81
  • Remote Host Path: /videostream.cgi
  • Capture Width: 1280
  • Capture Height: 720

OR the following also works:

  • Remote Hostname: <ipaddress>
  • Remote Host Port: 81
  • Remote Host Path: /videostream.cgi?user=admin&pwd=
  • Capture Width 1280
  • Capture Height 720

Notes on these cameras

These cameras are/were low end and low cost IP cameras. They are dependable in an indoor environment, but have not been tested outdoors. They are no longer actively being sold by the company, but are probably found second hand online.

They try to contact the WAN, so block the camera's internet access.

Limitation: These cameras do NOT work well with POE adaptors (not official POE, but the makeshift adaptors). They can't seem to pull enough energy through the cat5/6 cable. I've tried increasing the voltage of the AC adaptor without luck (up to 14.6 volts with a 15-20 foot cat5 cable). I haven't looked at it deeply. I'm not sure what the limitation is (cheap voltage regulator?). However, they work when the end of the camera cable is connected direct to an AC adaptor.

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