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Memory setting

User:Flasheart added:

Note that with Megapixel cameras like the Axis 207mw becoming cheaper and more attractive, the above memory settings are not adequate. To get Zoneminder working with a full 1280x1024 resolution camera in full colour, increase 134,217,728 to, for example, 268,424,446.

Since the supplied did not work for the bigger resolution. I'm not sure if there are any negative problems with increasing this value - I can only say it's working.

Can't control (move) camera

Error in log file:

     zmcontrol[4650].ERR [Error check failed:'500 No Host option provided'] 

Add the IP address of the camera to the Control Address field in the Control tab of camera settings, then be sure to restart zmcontrol:

sudo killall -9

If you don't see the option to control your camera, be sure to check the OPT_CONTROL option in options (found on main zoneminder screen).

- User:Jayoungh

The old FAQ

Removed link to old FAQ, as it no longer exists - Also reworded the introductory paragraph. -- Gth (talk) 21:24, 6 January 2014 (GMT)

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