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Layout of connectors on Impact VCB

:: O O O (ports :: is the s-video O is composite)

2 1 0 NC (inputs (ZM "channels")) channel 3 is the luminance signal of channel 2. 3 (2 in black and white only) with awtv (note that without an S-Video connector you can only use Television or Composite 1): "Television" is the middle composite port "Composite 1" is the input port closest to the S-Video port (1) "S-Video" is the S-Video port (2) "Composite 2" is the luminance channel of the S-Video port (3)

The third composite port seems to be unreadable.

Supposedly, you can only use the S-video port and the middle RCA port (Channel 0 and 1 respectively). (Can someone clarify this?)